Interesting news from Twitch today concerning cult Korean monster film The Host. We've known a sequel is in the works for some time, but now we've learned that Cheongeoram Films has signed a deal with developer Queens Soft (makers of AD - Another Day, an online sci-fi first-person shooter) to bring the title to PC, consoles, and mobile systems.

Details are slim at this point, but we do know the game will "be a multi-platform FPS project with mutant humanoids graced with superhuman skills." Of course, with a description that vague it could be Crackdown 2. I suspect we'll learn more once the film script is finished. No word on when that might be, but the buzz is that we can expect an announcement concerning the director and cast before the end of the year.

I'm kind of skeptical that we'll ever see this game in America, but we'll keep you updated on this one as details emerge. In the meantime, enjoy the new piece of film concept art posted above.
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