Once upon a time here on Cinematical (actually, it was a mere year ago), I pondered whether you could ever be too attractive to be believable. I reasoned that it was a bit silly to argue that Angelina Jolie was too pretty to be the mother of a kidnapped child, because good looks doesn't equal good luck. But I might have to change my thesis for Patrick Dempsey. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dempsey is teaming up with Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (aka "The Hangover Team") for an untitled bank heist comedy.

Dempsey will play an ordinary man who wanders into his bank branch for a deposit or a withdrawal, and winds up being caught in a robbery. Actually, it's not just one robbery but two occurring at the same bank and at the same time. (If this bank isn't in Gotham City and this stick-up isn't being overseen by the Joker, I'm disappointed already.) But the real kicker is that he is secretly in love with his bank teller, and was just getting up the guts to ask her out when the robberies happened. Now, he's forced to protect her and hope she'll say yes to dinner and a movie if they make it out alive.

Now, I know good looking guys can be shy. But this is like slapping thick glasses on Amanda Seyfried and expecting us to buy that she's unattractive. If he's a regular customer to that teller window, chances are she counts the minutes until he shows up with another deposit, and works frantically to maintain her lipstick in between. She's been hinting every time that she's single and looking. So unless Dempsey's character has been living in a cave (and maybe there's more twists and turns that he has) which has caused him to be socially inept, there's no excusing such awkwardness.
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