Ocean's Eleven Movie | Watch 'The Ocean's 11 Story' Online It seems like every day, faster than you can say "remake," another Hollywood classic is scheduled for a Blockbuster reboot. Some films -- like 'Ocean's 11' -- are better suited for modern makeovers than others. With a legendary cast that possessed timeless cool, the bank heist flick was built to transcend generational boundaries.

The documentary 'Ocean's 11 Story' gives a one-of-a-kind look at how Frank Sinatra and the original Rat Pack never stopped the party while filming a genre-defining classic film. "Old Blue Eyes" played in front of two packed houses a night as they put the up and coming city of Las Vegas on the map, nearly mirroring the lives of their onscreen counter parts all the while.

Watch 'The Ocean's 11 Story' free on SangFilms and see why these legends of film inspired so many.

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