A little known fact about Empire Strikes Back was that George Lucas had popular singer/songwriter L.B. Rayne put together a righteous power ballad for the film's soundtrack, and supposedly the song -- titled "Skywalking" -- was to be featured throughout the film and over the credits as well. Lucas, however, scratched the idea at the last second, later admitting that it didn't really fit with the film's themes. Rumors suggest there's a lost cut of Empire Strikes Back that contains "Skywalking" in the film, though I've personally never seen it, nor do I know anyone who's seen it.

Back in the late 80s, I remember my friends passing around a bootleg cassette tape of "Skywalking", but that was the last I heard of it ... until now. Yes, folks, the power ballad that was at one time a tall tale Star Wars fans shared with one another around a late night campfire has finally arrived online in music video format. Of course this song would never have worked in the movie, but it's great to have it out there again so that younger Star Wars fans can enjoy a little piece of galactic history.

As far as L.B. Rayne goes, his career pretty much ended in 1985 when he lost to a one-legged mule in a drinking contest ... but his legacy lives on! After the jump, check out Rayne's power ballads for Empire Strikes Back and Indiana Jones (another one Lucas commissioned but never used).