Killer Movie, directed by Jeff Fisher, 2008
Now this was a pleasant surprise. Most straight-to-video horror movies with generic titles like Killer Movie end up bringing absolutely nothing new to the table, but writer/director Jeff Fisher apparently snuck one past the straight-to-video goalies, delivering an above-average slasher that is genuinely entertaining. It's about a down-on-his-luck director that takes a gig shooting a reality show in a small town in North Dakota. He think he's making a series about the local high school's underdog hockey team, but when he arrives in town he learns that the producer has another angle in mind.

The day before the director arrived, a gal whose murderous father was just released from jail is found dead under suspicious circumstances (apparently being decapitated while riding a four-wheeler isn't the norm in North Dakota). Tension is running high with the locals, some believing the killer father has returned, others believing it was a genuine accident, but before long it's pretty clear that someone is killing not only the locals, but the film crew as well.

It's not the most unique premise in the world, but it's well paced, well acted by some familiar faces (Nestor Carbonell!), avoids the usual pitfalls associated with making a movie within a movie, and has the right balance of levity and arterial spray to appeal to anyone willing to give something called Killer Movie a chance.
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