State your name, rank, and intention.
The doctor, doctor, fun.

Sigh... The fun is almost over. There are only two episodes left until David Tennant shrugs off his life as a Time Lord and becomes a lawyer. There are only two episodes left in Russell T. Davies reign on Doctor Who. Like usual, the last will come to us over Christmas, but for now, there's The Waters of Mars.

The special will air on BBC One on the 15th, and focus on the Doctor's travels to the red planet. Set in the year 2059, the Doctor must help inhabitants of a base on Mars, who are plagued with a strange water infection that turns its victims into monsters. As much as there is some classic pithyness like the exchange above, this is looking to be one eerie and ghoulish special. And a public service announcement for the dangers of eating carrots, by the way.

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[via io9]
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