I imagine a lot of you will be seeking out Star Trekwhen it drops on DVD and Blu-ray this coming November 17th. But before you run out to the nearest store and suck up the first copy you see, you might want to check out all the different promotions to see which one fits you best. SciFi Squad just received the below list, so check it out and choose wisely ...

-- Hollywood Video - Rent/Buy any Star Trek DVD and be entered to win an autographed poster of Uhura (Zoe Saldana).

-- Transworld (FYE/Coconuts/Suncoast) - Collectible Steelbook packaging.

-- Best Buy - Collectible Gift Set with four pack of badge pins.

-- CVS - Consumer Offer. Buy $15 (or more) in itunes gift cards and get the DVD (single disc) for only $9.99 (First week only).

-- Target - Limited Edition Collectible Starship Enterprise Packaging on both 2-Disc DVD and 3-Disc Blu-ray.

-- Amazon.com - Star Trek Limited Edition Replica Gift Set (Three-Disc + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]


-- Best Buy Canada - 3-Disc Special Edition Blu-Ray Collectible packaging – Easily assembles to become a Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise DVD Package! (same as Target in the US).

-- Future Shop - Exclusive 2 Disc Steelbook Edition and 3-Disc Blu-Ray Steelbook Edition.

-- HMV - Limited Edition Blu-Ray Gift Set – includes Star Trek 3-Disc Blu-Ray set with Digital copy and Four Replica Starfleet Division Badges.

-- Wal-Mart Canada - Exclusive Lenticular o-sleeve package on the Star Trek 2 disc DVD.

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