I'm really looking forward to seeing what the newly resurrected Hammer Studios has to offer with The Resident and Let Me In and according to a report from Dread Central they can also add The Woman in Black to that list, in 3D.

The film is being penned by Jane Goldman, who worked on Neil Gaiman's Stardust. There are no other details available yet but if anyone can remake Susan Hill's 1983 ghost story, Hammer can. The story surrounds the people of a small English town who are being haunted by a menacing spectre. According to the local legends, seeing the Woman in Black meant that the death of a child would follow. The story was adapted into a stage play and a 1989 TV movie by Nigel Kneale who is best known for his work on the Quatermass sci-fi serials (a must see by the way).

When I think of films that would make great 3D versions, I don't think of a story like The Woman in Black but I remain open minded. I'm also curious to see if they 'Americanize' the story and maintain the Gothic appeal of the original. The television version of Hill's story was an unexpected success so perhaps history will repeat itself.

Check out the clips from the television version after the jump. The Woman in Black is played by Pauline Moran, an actress with an interesting history. She was the secretary (Miss Lemon) of Hercule Poirot in the British TV series Poirot, played bass for an all-girl band and is a professional astrologer.
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