Watch a lot of movies, and you'll get conditioned to look for that special moment when it all comes together and someone utters the words that also happen to make up the title of the movie. Sometimes it's inevitable -- if the film is titled after a character's name, or the flick's main theme, then it's going to make its way into the film. A lot. Other times, writers cleverly slip it in as that tongue-in-cheek addition for the audience's amusement.

Having a little fun with movie clips, Videogum has whipped up a mosaic of scenes where characters say the film of the movie in the film. From Katharine Hepburn's distinct voice stating: "Guess who's coming to dinner?" to Dances with Wolves, to things being "gone, baby ... gone" and Sharon Stone writing about "basic instincts," there's a good range of those little pithy and inevitable moments. Most of them are all-too-brief, although there's a good blip of time granted for the build-up of The Breakfast Club.

Check out the video after the jump and weigh in below: Which title-in-dialogue moments do you remember most?