Hollywood loves the Biopic. Since 1933, not a year has passed without at least one life story burned into celluloid. And as the years went on, the more of them they made. In '47 there were 2. In '67 there was only one. In '87 there were four and the genre was starting to feel pretty tired. In '07 there were a whopping 24, including Todd Haynes' ode to Dylan, 'I'm Not There.' Some said his creative take on a life was a wake-up call to Hollywood.

We'll see if anyone picks up the phone (probably not -- just this fall we've already gotten the biographical films 'Bright Star,''Coco Before Chanel,''The Damned United' and most recently, 'Amelia'). In the meantime, here's a look at some of the worst offenders of the form.
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