Hey, I'm all for clever advertising (the more unique, creative and original a marketing plan, the more willing I am to draw attention to it), but when it comes to ads that make it seem like I'm about to die a horrific death inside a tunnel that's filling up with water ... well, yeah, not really my cup of tea.

The above ad for the film 2012 is currently plastered in subway tunnels in Rio de Janeiro, and as you can see the clever twist here is that they make it look like the tunnel is filling up with water. Granted, it's not too hard to figure out this is just another movie marketing tactic, but still -- it's kinda freaky and might not be the proper image you want people to take with them when they're in an underground tunnel.

What do you think? Is this a piece of cool, clever movie marketing or an ad that simply takes it a bit too far?

Larger version below.

[via Gizmodo]
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