I first saw footage of Hudson Soft's survival horror game Calling like nine months ago. I then promptly forgot about it, which probably tells you how excited I was about what I'd seen. It wasn't that Calling looked bad so much as it looked like it took One Missed Calland about a dozen other Japanese horror films that I didn't enjoy and turned them into a game.

Don't believe me? Check out this excerpt from the synopsis:

"When tales of 'The Black Page' start circling, curiosity gets the best of you. Although 'The Black Page' is just an ink black website with an ominous hit counter, rumor has it that if you see 'something', you'll die within a matter of time of visiting and you'll be added to the death count."

Calling is a survival horror offering wherein the player takes on the role of different characters as the story overlaps at various junctures (think Pulp Fiction or Trick 'r Treat). The game has a new trailer that's turned up online today, and the guys over at Destructoid got some hands-on time with the title and have written some early impressions.

Destructoid's reaction is one of mild indifference, mostly because they feel the game is too simplistic and bound to become repetitive. Based on what I've seen and read, I'm inclined to agree. We'll all be able to find out if that assessment was accurate or not when the game releases sometime in spring 2010.

Follow me to the magical land beyond the jump for a look at the trailer.
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