Warner Home Video (with a tip of the hat to Shock Till You Drop) has announced the official DVD and Blu-ray release date for The Final Destination. Fans who want to schedule a date with death should clear their calendars on January 5th of 2010.

The fourth installment in the franchise (and the first in 3-D) will come with a 2-D and 3-D version and two pairs of glasses for a limited time only. The DVD owners get the shaft in terms of extras (in a continuation of an alarming new trend...) with only "additional scenes" being offered on that format.

Blu-ray owners get more, including:
  • 2 Alternate Endings
  • 'Body Count: The Deaths of Final Destination' featurette
  • Pre-visualization/storyboard segments
  • Exclusive features via BD-Live

To date, the film has made 66 million dollars domestically and 152 million worldwide. With numbers like that, it seems likely we'll be getting a fifth film in the series at some point...
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