: E.T., short for "extra-terrestrial".

Appears In: Steven Spielberg's incredibly long-titled smash hit from 1982, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and His Adventures on Earth.

Homeworld:Brodo Asogi (according to the sequel novel E.T.: The Book of the Green Planet, one of the most depressing books I probably ever read as a child. E.T. figures out how to send his mind across the galaxy to communicate with Elliott back on Earth, but Elliott can't really hear him because he's busy meeting girls at the mall.)

Demeanor: Friendly and naked as a jaybird.

Special Abilities: Can create a powerful, quasi-symbiotic psychic bond with others. Heals wounds by touch. Makes bicycles fly with the power of thought.

Turn-Ons: Gardening, children's television, bicycle riding, Reese's Pieces, DIY projects, cross-dressing.

Turn-Offs: The Feds, beer, living far away from home.

Career Highlights: Returning from the dead. Meeting the King of Pop. Becoming the logo for Amblin Entertainment. Being the first of many to tell Drew Barrymore to "be good".

Career Lowlights:Inspiring a bland breakfast cereal. Being the star of an Atari video game so abysmal that they buried thousands of unsold copies in the New Mexico desert. Inspiring Neil Diamond to write "Heartlight".

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