I can't really think of an occasion where it isn't appropriate to play Goblin and I finally found someone who agrees with me.

Check out one person's video project after the jump, which is titled 'Take a Bath...Giallo Style.' The video features the music from Dario Argento'sTenebre,which was composed by Goblin. The Italian prog rock band has contributed to some of the finest soundtracks in Italian horror and well . . .horror, period. Though the video description claims it's unfinished, it's still cleverly done and gialloriffic with all the appropriate elements. I know exactly what music I'll be playing when I get sudsy later on tonight. Also of note is another video from the same person that is a party, shot giallo style, featuring the awesome, non-giallo sounds of The Magnetic Fields.

Now, where's my Ennio Morricone, spaghetti dinner video?
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