For some odd reason there's been a huge Teen Wolfresurgence lately. I don't know if it's because the original 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox has received some cable play as of late, or if it's because there's been talk of a television reboot on MTV, but nevertheless it's pretty awesome. I've always been a huge fan of Teen Wolf (not so much Teen Wolf Too), so any love thrown at this oldie-but-goodie is just fine by me.

Speaking of ... after the jump you can check out a pretty funny short film directed by Marc Milstein that picks up about 25 years after the original movie. Now, all these years later, Scott Howard and Stiles are working in a boring old office -- but when a piece of paper gets stuck in the copy machine, Stiles uses the opportunity to get Scott to bring back The Wolf. Considering how boring and mellow Scott Howard was in Teen Wolf, I could totally see him and Stiles winding up as a couple of cubicle schmucks 25 years later. But did he ever marry Boof? Guess we'll have to wait for part two ...

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