I have been regularly searching for updates to Russell Mulchay'sBait 3D since first reading about it in the Teletype section of an issue of Fangoria months ago. Why should I be so excited about a new film from the guy who made Resident Evil: Extinction and the straight-to-video sequel to The Scorpion King? Well, first, he did also make Razorback and Highlander, so there's that, but more importantly it has a plot that reads like the movie is intended as a personal gift to me.

What do you say to a tsunami that has hit Australia, trapping a bunch of shoppers in a partially-flooded coastal supermarket... with a ravenous pack of tiger sharks...and a serial killer. I say Sold! As do distributors all around the world, as Screen Daily tells us the film with the Greatest Plot Ever* just sold it's rights to practically every country with movie theaters that isn't the United States (boo-urns!).

Bait 3D is currently out trying to drum up who will play the chum in the movie, though I'm sure casting won't take long because actors will be climbing over each other to get to the audition for sharks inside a supermarket with a maniac killer, right? After the players are locked down, filming will take place in April 2010, which means it should only be another 8 month window after that before I am once again regularly searching for updates on the picture. Only at that point I'll be trying to track down an import DVD, because nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop me from seeing sharks inside a supermarket as soon as possible.

*Note: Goblin Shark Attack had similar potential, but then it was retitled Malibu Shark Attack and went the way of the Syfy channel. I swear I didn't cry while watching it, don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.
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