It's been a busy past few weeks for the Twisted Pictures crew. First there was news that they'd scored the rights to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise (followed by numerous unsupported rumors that Tobe Hooper would be back to direct a new installment), then came the disappointing release of Saw VI, and now Shock Till You Drop is reporting that the company has nabbed the rights to adapt the horror graphic novel Sorrow for the big screen.

The comic, which features the work of Rick Remender, Seth Peck, and Francesca Francavilla, is set in the town of Sorrow, Nevada. Nuclear tests run by the government back in the '50s killed the entire population--or did they? When four young folks get stranded in the town, they learn firsthand that buried things aren't always dead.

Screenwriter Michael Hidalgo has been tapped to handle the writing duties. He had this to say on the source material. "Rick, Seth and Francesco have created a throwback to '70s and '80s horror/thriller films with the perfect mix of terror and memorable characters. The idea is to make a great film that resonates with fans of the genre."

We'll bring you more on Sorrow as it inches toward production.
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