I think my favorite part of District 9 was those crazy alien weapons the government was trying to get their hands on -- like the giant gun that vaporized people. I bet when you walked out of District 9, you immediately wondered whether there was a place online that showed you exactly how to create your own District 9 alien gun ... minus the whole vaporizing people thing, because, well, I think I could get in a lot of trouble with a lot of people if I shoveled out those instructions.

Now something like this probably could've come in handy before Halloween, but you never know -- there might be someone out there who's looking for a fun and exciting geek-related weekend project. Over at Instructables, they show you how to make the District 9 weapon in 15 different steps. The outcome (as seen below) looks pretty cool. Just be careful kids ... you don't want to vaporize your eye out.

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