Recently it was reported that the DVD sale date of the criminally under-appreciated post-apocalyptic thriller Carriers would not be concurrent with its rental date, instead becoming available for purchase up to six weeks later. This naturally has a lot of people upset, but some good news lies on the horizon for the true fans, especially those living in good ol' Deutschland.

According to post-apocalyptic aficionados Quiet Earth, a 3-disc, limited edition DVD box set of the film will be made available in Germany on February 26th. For those not living overseas it should be available online and comes in both English and German with subtitles, though one can imagine it would come with a hefty price as well. Is it worth it?

Well, short answer yes, long answer hell yes. According to QE, the "set features a 215 minute documentary called 'Epidemics of the 21st Century,' as well as "regular cast interviews, featurettes and B-roll goodies." Not content with just giving you movie goodness, the set also comes with what is apparently being called an "epidemic survival kit," which includes gloves and a face mask. And for those who have seen the film, no word on if a bottle of bleach will be included as well.

My research was unable to come up with any other information concerning this release, but Quiet Earth states it should be available for pre-order sometime in February.
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