I've been keeping my eye out for Triangle, the newest film from Creep and Severance director Christopher Smith, for some time. I'm a huge fan of his two previous entries, both of which I feel never quite got the following they deserved. I'm also a big fan of Melissa George, she of 30 Days of Night and Turistas, as well as ardent supporter of stories revolving around ships getting lost at sea, so all of the ingredients are there for me to be jazzed for Triangle.

Alas, I've known since first reading about the title that it would be destined to go straight-to-DVD here in the States. Now such suspicions have been confirmed by DVD Active, who have a look at the cover art, date, price, and announced feature list for the film. The long and short of it:

Date: February 2nd
Blu-ray: Yes
Suggested Price: ~$29 for the DVD, ~$30 for the Blu-ray
Features: Cast & Crew Interviews

It's a little skimpy on the bonus material, and I'm sure it'll sell for less than that inflated price, but at least it's only 3 months away, right? Click on for the official trailer.
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