I don't remember who made me sit down and watch Wim Wenders' Buena Vista Social Club, but the moment I did, I was enamored. It wasn't so much that I loved the cinema; frankly, I remember nothing about it, even if it did earn itself an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary. I was smitten with the history and subject.

Watching the film is a multi-layered experience. There's the setting -- the worn but timeless feel of Havana as classic cars drive by gorgeous, but crumbling, buildings and get hammered by the spray of ocean waves. The people -- men so very far and long from their thriving Cuban music roots. Their musical talents weren't squashed by the passage of time, nor the demands that life thrust upon them. (Ibrahim Ferrer, for example, had become a shoe shiner, yet flawlessly danced his way back into the music scene.) Ultimately there is the joy in watching old men find the passion of their youth and garner fame at a very late age. (Much like Little Jimmy Scott.)

Dig it for the history, or to just enjoy some old and crazy-talented men groove as if age is irrelevant.

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