Was there a late 80's rock craze that I somehow missed out on? Were kids spending more time thinking of adventures they could act out with stones than action figures? No? Then someone please explain to me the reason why there were two action figure lines that decided to incorporate heroes that could turn into rocks.

I realize that might sound pretty cool, like Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four -- a powerful superhero with a stone hide. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about dudes who could disguise themselves as rocks. It seems like a coward's tactic to me. In a toy box filled with pro-active heroes sporting all manner of guns and swords, here are these guys, only good in a fight if someone is there to throw them really hard at someone else's head. They're also great for skipping across ponds.

In 1986 the Rock People were added to the Masters of the Universe toys, while the Go-Bots introduced the Rock Lords characters in their animated feature film, aptly titled Go-Bots: Battle of the Rock Lords. Normally, I'd choose anything He-Man-related over the Go-Bots (destined to be picked last in the gym class of the toy world), but this is one battle where Tonka just completely dominated Mattel.

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