I had every intention of seeing The Men Who Stare At Goats this weekend, but time gets away when you're doing laundry and scrubbing dogs. So I turned to Netflix and decided to do a double feature of Aguirre: The Wrath of God and Cobra Verde. Yeah, I'm not sure why I do these things to myself either.

But the intense eyes of Werner Herzog's best fiend inspired a little list of the actors and actresses who inspire you to shift in your seat with just a single gaze. The list is long and extremely difficult to narrow down to just five, and is unfairly biased towards the menfolk. While a very honorable mention goes to Clint Eastwood's squint, in the interest of variety and equality I decided to honor five others that were equally as terrifying. I hope you dig deep into your fears, and offer up your own picks of a stare that might not be able to kill goats, but that you don't ever want staring into your soul ... or at least across your work desk. (It is Monday after all, and what would your employers do if they caught you having fun with us instead of filing those TPS Reports?)

Head below the jump for the quick list ....
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