While the Darren Aronofsky RoboCopreboot appears to be frozen in production limbo, Dynamite Entertainment are dusting off the character for a new RoboCop comic book series, the first issue of which will hit stands in January 2010.

The series, from writer Rob Williams and artist Fabiano Neves picks up immediately after the first film, in an attempt to capture the hard-hitting action and dark satire that made the original so memorable. In a press release from Dynamite, Williams says "We're coming in off the back of the first Verhoeven movie and pretty much ignoring everything else that's ever happened Robocop-wise. So, Dick Jones is gone. OCP are still there, albeit in a restructured form. Some unnamed time has passed since the end of the first movie, but that's our status quo pretty much. Old Detroit's overrun by crime, the country's following it down the tubes due to a 'super recession' and Murphy, Lewis and the rest of the ODPD are fighting a losing battle on the streets."

Dynamite President Nick Barrucci is particularly excited about Williams' new version of RoboCop's classic foil, "And the all-new all-dangerous ED-209 will undoubtedly be considered the true continuation of director Paul Verhoeven's vision of Robocop from the first movie."
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