The house on 1313 Mockingbird Lane has an interesting history. Before it was the home of The Munsters, one of TV's greatest families, it was featured in the 1946 film So Goes My Love and the 1950's sitcom Leave It to Beaver. When the Munsters moved in around 1964, the spooky mansion became the backdrop for all of the wacky shenanigans that made them famous. Today, one family in Waxahachie, Texas is living the American monster dream by recreating the Munster home as their humble abode.

The McKee family built their 5,825 square foot home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, using all 70 episodes of The Munsters as their guide. Though the current exterior looks clean and new, they are slowly working on aging and distressing the house to match the one on the show. There are rumors that the house is haunted (duh) which makes it the perfect backdrop for the McKee's Halloween Charity Event every October. So what do the original Munsters think about this? Several have made a pilgrimage to the home, including Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), Al Lewis (Grandpa) and Pat Priest (Marilyn Munster).

The McKees are also constructing a Munster Koach, as featured on the show. The original 18 foot long hot rod was built by George Barris and consisted of a lengthened 1926 Ford Model T chassis with a custom hearse body. Barris also built the Munster's DRAG-U-LA, made famous by the Rob Zombie song of the same name. If you really love me you'll buy me one.

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