It was a busy weekend for the guys at Twisted Pictures. Not only did they announce their plans to make a big screen version of the Image comic book series Sorrow, the company also found time to debut the promotional trailer for director Rob Lieberman's new film The Tortured.

If you're not familiar with the project, it centers on two parents (Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe) who conclude the justice system came up short when sentencing the man (Bill Moseley) who kidnapped and killed their son. If you guess they abduct and torture said man, give yourself a screenwriter's credit.

While it's nice to see Twisted Pictures not going the Platinum Dunes route (by making original films instead of trying to remake everything under the sun...), I'm not sure another riff on Craven's The Last House on the Leftis something I'm all that interested in seeing (particularly since I just saw a Last House on the Left remake this year). That being said, watching Bill Moseley play a slimy kidnapper who gets his comeuppance might make sitting through a bunch of heavy-handed philosophizing about why good people occasionally do bad things more tolerable. Or not. Here's to hoping 'Freebird' turns up on the soundtrack during a scene of Moseley being tortured. That alone could make or break this film.

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