I hate money. I hate stockpiling it, which is why I have none of it, which is why I hate that I do not currently have enough money to make some bids on official props from Duncan Jones' science fiction power house Moon. The Prop Store of London is auctioning off nine bits of memorabilia from the film which centers around Sam Rockwell's identity crisis while completing his multi-year contract pushing buttons inside an isolated lunar refinery. So if you'd like to own a piece of the puzzle, if you have an unhealthy respect for miniature models, or if you just simply have a crush on Sam Rockwell, you may want to throw down some eBay love on some of Moon's goodies.

The Prop store has everything from a miniature lunar rover to a Lunar Industries coffee mug to the robotic arm of Gerty, the robot voiced by Kevin Spacey. Prices so far are not too outlandish - at least as far as what I'd consider paying if I had that kind of disposable income - though the auction does have another 6 days left in its life, so you'll need diligence to beat out competing fans. So head on over to Prop Auction's eBay store and show that so-called recession we're in what for.
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