It's just not a normal Sunday night in Los Angeles unless you attend an awards ceremony. Two nights ago, I went to the 4th annual Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards, a presentation. Being Canadian, whenever I used to hear the word "Hamilton," I would think of steel mills and McMaster University. I have since learned, however, that Hamilton, a member of the Swatch group, is a watch company who have had their timepieces product placed in over 300 films. Surely, when you watched Elvis Presley in 'Blue Hawaii,' you were captivated by his watch, right? Of course you were. It was a Hamilton.

As usual, I dragged my sidekick Brooke along with me as my official photographer. Unfortunately, though Brooke ripped feverishly through her apartment just before we had to leave for the event, she could not find her camera. All she had was her BlackBerry. That would have to do.

When we arrived at the event, we took our place on the red carpet along with the rest of the media. All the photographers had gigantic cameras which dwarfed Brooke's little BlackBerry. Picture a mass of paparazzi (which I like to call a "pap smear") with cameras large enough to house small dogs, and then poor Brooke holding up her little BlackBerry trying to compete. She really had no chance. Good thing I told the publicist for the event that I simply had to have my own photographer there. I had to, though. I couldn't concede that, in reality, I needed to have a drinking buddy with me.