Have you been wondering where High Tension'sCécile De France has been in the years since Alexandre Aja's plot-twisting slasher first divided audiences? Well, unsurprisingly, the actress has been sticking to making films in her native France, but now thanks to Clint Eastwood, she'll be once again front and center in the genre we call home. Variety tells us she'll be joining Matt Damon as one of three leads in Eastwood's Hereafter.

Now of course the official line out of Warner Brothers is to call Hereafter a "supernatural drama", but that's only because "horror movie" isn't exactly synonymous with Oscar Winning. The script was written by Peter Morgan, who is best known for dramas along the lines of The Queen and Frost/Nixon, and has only been officially referred to as "a supernatural thriller in the vein of The Sixth Sense." However, some outlets have hinted at it revolving around the intersecting lives of a trio of people who have all recently had a life-altering encounter with death, causing them to question what happens in the afterlife. De France will be playing a survivor of 2004's tsunami, whose story will eventually cross paths with Damon's character, a reluctant psychic who can speak with the dead.

Okay, it's not as though Eastwood is heading into slasher territory, but if "in the vein of The Sixth Sense" is the best we can expect from an Eastwood-directed jaunt into horror, I'll take it.
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