Sometime last week folks got word via an ABC press site that Lost had finally set its premiere date for the beginning of its final season. January 20th, which is a date that had been rumored for awhile (or at least since August), was indeed the date featured on the press site. ABC, of course, has not come right out and announced the date yet, though the thought behind the January 20th date (a Wednesday) was that it was chosen in order to avoid a clash with American Idol.

No idea why ABC is waiting so long to reveal the date, but hopefully they'll give us something official soon. In the meantime, we know that the title of the premiere episode is LA X (and yes, that space between the A and X was on purpose). We also know that Lost will be taking a break during the Winter Olympics and not airing new episodes until early March. Since the Olympics begin on February 12th, 2010, Lost could conceivably air four episodes before the games begin -- but that's only if they air the premiere on January 20th. So we'll see.

Below you can check out a screencap from the ABC press site that lists the show's premiere date, courtesy of Lost Blog.

[Thanks to Eric Kohn for the tip]
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