Many of Michael Jackson's fans have paid tribute to the deceased pop icon by seeing This Is It, the ghoulishly titled assemblage of rehearsal footage and outtakes that was rushed into theaters last month, just in time for Halloween (or, as Jackson used to call it, "every day"). But some of the beloved nutjob's greatest admirers have gone a step further and contacted him beyond the grave in a seance, which is about as believable as The Fourth Kind.

Derek Acorah, an English medium of some renown on that side of the pond, conducted the spirit-contacting and aired it on the U.K.'s Sky 1 channel. We have a YouTube clip after the jump. Acorah is the older, silver-haired gentleman in the video. The host asks him if people can ask Michael Jackson questions through him, and Acorah says yes, absolutely, the King of Pop would love that. Then Acorah opens his eyes and looks a little stunned. Apparently this is when he starts "channeling" Jackson. Michael Jackson is inside this man's body!

Then there is a fellow who looks a bit like Michael Ian Black who was apparently one of Jackson's friends and, by the looks of things, the inheritor of some of his wardrobe. He is very emotional about the chance to speak with his dead friend, especially when the dead friend, through Acorah, tells him that love and sensitivity "oozes" from him. Finally the friend asks, "Do you realize how much I love you, Michael?" Really? That's your question? Not "What's the afterlife like?" or "Have you had any awkward encounters with the Elephant Man?" but "Did you know I love you?" LAME.

The clip, after the jump.
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