dvd 11/10/09

Looking for something good and geeky to watch? Here are this week's notable DVD and Blu-ray releases:

Up (DVD & Blu-ray)
The first fifteen minutes of this emotional Pixar smash had me in tears. (Note: the sight of a grown man crying while wearing 3D glasses is not a pretty one.) After that I couldn't help but root for Ed Asner's mean old man, his chubby wilderness explorer tag along, his giant prehistoric bird buddy, his talking dog, and his floating house. Not counting Batman & Robin, this might be the most ridiculous movie to ever make me cry.

If you really love Up, do yourself a favor and pick up the Blu-ray 4-pack. It's loaded, and it's going for less than $20 at some online retailers. (Hey, Pixarphiles, Monsters Inc. also gets a special edition Blu-ray release today.)

Near Dark (Blu-ray)
So far, only two good things have come out of the god-awful Twilight craze: Cool pictures of Dakota Fanning wearing red contact lenses, and this great down and dirty 1980s vampire flick finally hitting Blu-ray.

Yes, you probably have Stephanie Meyer's sparkly non-vamps to thank for this release – and for the absurd new cover art – but Near Dark is one of the most unsettling vampire movies of all time. (Bill Paxton's chilling performance alone will make you want to avoid anyone with a Southern accent for weeks.) An HD version deserves a spot on any genre movie lover's shelf. (It's too bad the studio skimped on the extras, though.)

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