How did I miss this one? Just when you think you've seen everything the genre had to offer, it's a treat to have something that's lurked on the periphery of your knowledge for 20 years come and tap you on the shoulder. But let me back up and get all autobiographical to set the stage. I was one of those video store kids. In the early 80's, most of my time was spent kicking my skateboard to and from the mom-and-pop store in the small town where I grew up. This wasn't the bar-coded mega chain of Blockbuster or the late Hollywood video. This was the type of store spoken of with reverence by folks like Scott Weinberg or the Alamo Drafthouse's Zack Carlson. Locally owned and more than a little cultish, who knew what forbidden flicks lurked on the shelves of these dusty and cramped VHS vaults.

I was there damn near every day. Naturally, I'd head straight for the horror section and more often than not, grab the first video I hadn't seen, devour it, and come back the next day. Every day, I saw the blank face on the cover of Tourist Trap staring down at me, and every day, I skipped past it. Even at nine years old, I'd had enough of masked loonies knocking off horny teenagers. I'd moved on to the "harder" stuff, stuff with bad dubbing and nuclear-colored blood. As I just learned, skipping out on this one was my loss.
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