Before Mark Wahlberg was a successful and respected actor in the movie industry, he was Marky Mark. He wore big gold chains, overalls, and tightie whities. We're all glad those days are gone. One thing can be said about those dark days of Calvin Klein underwear ads -- he did have a rocking body. He probably still does, but Martin Scorcese doesn't exactly make shirt-stripping a requirement for his Boston cops. At least, I hope he doesn't.

Luckily, the glory gangsta (yes, I mean that sarcastically) days have been preserved in The Marky Mark Workout video. I'm sure some of you out there have seen this before (and judging from one Wahlberg fan site, it's something the devoted have watched numerous times), but I hadn't and thought it was worth a giggle. Wahlberg doesn't exactly have the cheeriest public persona, but his youthful self was really someone you might not want to hang around. Marvel at the way he comes onto his workout partners, and their forced smiles of "Ok, but only because you're paying me!"

I know, Wahlberg wants us to forget this part of his life. But YouTube makes it too easy to remember and hey, we all did stuff we regret. Let's laugh together, Mark. Say hello to your mother for me, all right?

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