Due to it being a quiet news week thus far, I decided it might be fun to discuss a little ruckus that's been brewing in Lexington, Kentucky. Two library workers became obsessed with Alan Moore, and not in the way familiar to those who found him via Swamp Thing or Watchmen. It seems the Jessamine County library got a copy of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume IV: Black Dossier as many self-respecting libraries have. Employees Sharon Cook and Beth Boisvert saw it (it's not clear how) and decided it was unfit for public consumption.

After challenging its shelf place and failing, they debated "spilling tea on it" before taking the less destructive measure of checking the book out. Ms. Cook kept it out of circulation for an entire year until one library patron said "Holy crap, my library has Volume IV! I shall check it out immediately!" and put it on hold. Using her employee privileges, Cook discovered the Moore fan was an 11-year-old girl (way to go!) and took matters into her own hands. She took the patron's hold off. When their censorship was discovered, they were fired, but have subsequently earned a lot of support all over the world. One Flickr stream even has "the naughty pages" up for your perusal with the stern question of whether or not children should be allowed to see such things. One of the pages is headlining this column, with a stupid joke from me.
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