Details on the Guillermo del Toro directed, Peter Jackson produced two-part adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit have been slow coming so far. Fans of Lord of the Rings are dying to know who, if any, of the trilogy's original cast will be returning in the new films; as well as who exactly will be filling the biggest roles from the book. Well now del Toro has stepped up to the plate and announced, via a translation of an interview with the director that aired on German TV, a new cast member for the film: himself.

Yep, the Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth director has set aside a tiny little cameo in the form of a small monster found in Middle Earth: "I had a hand on the design of the creature and I will personally sculpt the appliances that will be applied on my face and hands. I used to sculpt the creatures for NECROPIA (my FX company) and I miss it a bit. I will have a line or two and die quickly."

That's about the extent of the detail he gives, which has me wondering whether it'll be a noticeable cameo (as Peter Jackson's was in Fellowship of the Ring) or whether he'll be a background goblin that blends in with the horde. Whatever the case, I find it very, very cool that he'll be creating the make-up effects for the apperance himself. Should be an interesting Easter Egg to keep your eye out for when The Hobbit releases in a few years.

If you happen to speak German, feel free to watch the entire interview below, which deals mainly with del Toro's vampire project, The Strain.
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