In their neverending efforts to cover all things Twilight related, MTV has been asking cast members who they think should helm the final installment (or two), Breaking Dawn. (Because, if Robert Pattinson is to be believed, the movie will film next fall.) Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays the Volturi member Caius, thinks it should be Tim Burton, while Pattinson himself is also playing the guessing game, and wishes for Gus Van Sant. Apparently, RPatt heard that filming would take place in Portland, and Van Sant "shoots everything in Portland."

In other words: Everyone has different ideas, which seems to be the big theme of Breaking Dawn.

Do you guys really want it? Sure, after taking this journey, you want to see it through to the end and see the final (and epically long) book make it to the screen. But let's face it -- it's not going to be as you expect. Is your curiosity for anything stronger than your desire for a worthy-to-the-source adaptation?

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