I'm not sure if it's fair to say that the Underworld series kicked off cinema's new love-affair with vampires and werewolves, which culminated in adaptation of the Twilight Saga, but the first two films certainly arrived before the market's demand for fangs was at full fervor. With his newest movie prospect, however, Len Wiseman is arriving right in the middle of a glut of post-apocalyptic movies. I suppose 2012 is the actual apocalypse, but as far as going beyond the end of time goes, we've already got The Road, The Book of Eli, Gunslinger, Legion, and Fallout on the horizon. Now the man who wisely put Kate Beckinsale in black latex (and then married her) is set to direct his own brand of civilization's swan song.

Tentatively titled Nocturne, the film is an original pitch from Wiseman about "a group of people who survive the end of the world and the mystery surrounding how they got to that position," which is about as vague as you can get this early on. However, the secrets Wiseman currently has tight-lipped must have impressed some suits over at Fox, as the studio has already thrown down some coin to own the concept, which will presumably be directed by the man who delivered the world's first PG-13 Die Hard movie.

Presumably is the operative word here, though, as Wiseman is also attached to adapt the insanely popular video game Gears of War, as well as the sci-fi action comic Shrapnel, a thriller called Motorcade, and another apocalyptic war movie called Atlantis Rising. Considering what little visible progress has been made on any of those fronts, I wouldn't expect to hear too much more on the Nocturne front any time soon.
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