The zombie outbreak film Devil's Playground was first announced last year as a starring vehicle for the Midnight Meat Train Butcher himself, Vinnie Jones. That vehicle stalled over the course of the year, however, but now the picture has gotten a lively jump start from Black & Blue Films, who have just announced they've packed the film with a cast of familiar faces.

Directed by relative newcomer Mark McQueen, Devil's Playground tells the story of a killer (White Noise 2'sCraig Fairbrass) wandering an ailing earth amid a zombie outbreak, looking for a cure to the affliction that is gradually turning him into one of the undead horde. His quest is complicated by the ex-cop boyfriend (Doghouse and Severance star Danny Dyer) of the one person (MyAnna Buring, the med student from The Descent) who might know how to stop the spread of the disease.

It's an interesting deviation from typical survive-the-horde zombie films, though I'm sure there will still be plenty of intense zombie mayhem in Devil's Playground, which is not exactly a good thing for those who think zombies should only ever shamble. Quite Earth spoke with one of the film's writer when it first got off the ground, explaining the hyper style of zombies they're going for:

"The story hinges around a vaccine administered to the population that causes the zombies , so we had to think along the more "technological lines" of what a man-made compound could cause, hence the tumours, boils and sweating blood element. And of course the agility. We got the largest company of Traceurs and free-runners, Urban Free Flow, to play the Zombies."

So we've got a man-made virus strain that turns the apocalypse into District B13... Huh. Parkour zombies? I believe that's a first.
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