Star Wars merchandising never ends. Then again, do any of us ever really want it to end? So long as people are still making material goods that reach back to the original trilogy, us nerds will always have a well of nostalgia to throw our money away on. Take the Garden Jawa for instance.

Officially sanctioned by LucasFilm, this little lawn crusader will sell your current Garden Gnome into slavery aboard a sand crawler and then take his place as protector of all things your front yard. From "Measuring close to a foot tall and crafted in durable all-weather resin, the Garden Jawa protects your tomatoes, zucchini, and daffodils from the dark side, armed with a garden tool bandolier, a garden hose, and a thumbs-up attitude. Reflective amber-colored eyes peek out from underneath his hood, challenging any unwelcome visitors looking to feast on his turf."

And of course, as with all lawn ornaments, the Jawa is just as well-traveled as your typical gnome. The Official Star Wars Blog has already begun posting a Flickr set of one of the little guys enjoying a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge before slowly sneaking his way onto the Skywalker Ranch, as seen above. You too will able to enjoy such travel-commercial shenanigans for $34.99 when the Garden Jawa releases on December 9th. Though I imagine you'll have a harder time sneaking onto the Lucas Film compound to take pictures, so might want to just leave him perched in the dirt at home.
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