The fight has come to an end.

After a massive rejigging of the show's first episodes, a struggle to find out what it wanted to be, bad ratings, a fight to stay on the air, and a month-long hiatus after only a handful of episodes, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Joss Whedon's Dollhouse will not go past episode 13. In fact, it's not even clear whether or not we'll get to see how the series wraps up on television. Pre-cancellation, the plan was to air the rest of the episodes starting December 4, but with the end of the show, that plan could very well end up in the trash.

Joss is currently shooting the eleventh episode, so there is room to try to wrap it up in the remaining two, but as with any Whedon universe, there's too much plot to just put a pretty bow on the series in 80 minutes. Then again, when Joss is really feeling the pressure, greatness often bursts forth. After an abysmal fourth season of Angel, he managed to reinvigorate the entire series and go out with a bang (death, carnage, bloody awful poetry!).

All in all, I'm not surprised and not terribly bummed by the news. I'm still holding out hope that he'll whip up a series with the magic Buffy had. And considering all the shots he gets to make his floundering projects work, I think that's everyone's hope. Could try #4 make that wish a reality?
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