Whit Stillman hasn't made a lot of films. In fact, there are only three: Metropolitan, Barcelona, andThe Last Days of Disco. All filmed in the '90s, his trio of movies morphed from upper-class teen Manhattanites, to heading out into the international working world, and finally to a look into the end of disco. Unfortunately, the last was sadly overlooked because another big disco fest hit the big screen -- 54 -- which may have been terrible, but with the likes of Mike Myers and a big-name cast, it was the flick in the spotlight.

Nestled in the shadows was The Last Days of Disco, starring Chloe Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale as two young book editors who fill their nights with dance and banter while looking for romance. Each night, as they head to the club, they come across a myriad of faces, from the Stillman pro Chris Eigeman, to the likes of Mackenzie Astin, Matt Keeslar, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Beals, Burr Steers (recently directed 17 Again), and even Drew's mom, Jaid Barrymore. They gossip, discuss intellectual pursuits, analyze Lady and the Tramp, and even purr over the sexiness of Scrooge McDuck -- all to a classic disco soundtrack.

If you love satire, and a mixture of surreality intermingled with spot-on dialogue (think intellectualism on the back-drop of all-out glam), you've got to check it out. Best of all, should you adore watching this for free, you can then pick up the new Criterion on sale at Barnes & Noble, where they're having their wicked 50% off sale again.

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