The production company everyone loves to hate, Platinum Dunes, is going to be working with writer Stephen Susco (Grudge, Grudge 2) in a rewrite on Paramount Pictures' The Butcherhouse Chronicles. Bloody-Disgusting reports that Frank Borin is no longer attached to direct, with no word yet on who is taking his spot.

Butcherhouse is a darkly comic horror stage show about a group of high school students who set out to discover the truth behind a haunted property known as the Butcherhouse. It's rumored that Emma Stone (Zombieland) will be starring as one of the leads.

For those of you who haven't fainted yet at the idea of Platinum Dunes not rehashing one of your favorite childhood horror flicks, you might be interested in where Butcherhouse comes from. Michael Hidalgo originally penned the story and has offered a little info about the origins of the project on his blog:

"The Butcherhouse Chronicles was and *is* a deeply personal stage play that I started writing in April of 2003. My life was very different back then. I was getting ready to be married, locked into a dead-end job, trying to keep the dreams alive. I finished writing the first draft of the play about six months later, around October of 2003. Though I'd written a series of short pieces and one-acts, this was my first full-length stage play. CUT TO a few years later, 2006. I'm getting a divorce, the play is staged at the Summer Play Festival and gets optioned by Paramount about a month after that festival production."
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