Survival horror games are everywhere these days, but that hasn't stopped developer Access Games from jumping into the pool with their newest title, Deadly Premonition.

The game, which is slated for release on the Xbox 360 in March of next year, has a decidedly Silent Hill feel to it in the new trailer. Gamers will take control of FBI agent Francis York Morgan, who's been sent to investigate a murder in a rural town. Naturally, some sort of supernatural shenanigans are going on and it's up to the decorated detective to get to to the bottom of it all.

The trailer does a nice job of selling the game's atmosphere while keeping the narrative shrouded in mystery. Early commenters have taken swipes at the title's graphics (which are admittedly a bit underwhelming for an Xbox 360 game), but as anyone who's been a controller jockey for years knows, gameplay trumps graphics. Unfortunately, we won't know how Deadly Premonition measures up in that category until later next year.

Jump past the break to check out the trailer. Be sure to check out the official website for more info on Deadly Premonition.
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