Unless you've been living in a shoebox, you have probably already heard rumblings about Oren Peli's (Paranormal Activity) latest project, Area 51. It was already announced that Room 101, Solana Films and Blumhouse Productions will be producing the film starring Reid Warner, Darrin Bragg and Ben Rovne. The film is currently in production and expected to hit theaters sometime in 2010. The story has been a secret aside from some minor details, but we do know that it centers around three teenagers whose curiosity leads them to the legendary Area 51 Air Force base in the Nevada desert. Like Paranormal Activity, the film will employ 'found footage' to tell the story and Peli will continue to work with undiscovered actors. Well, this wasn't enough info for the team at Latino Review, who recently uncovered some major plot details about Area 51 after getting their hot little hands on a "script/outline hybrid."

Here's what Levle had to say:

"The 'script' for Area 51 reads much like I imagine the 'script' for Paranormal Activity did. It's basically a scene-by-scene breakdown with a list of various props, actors and the general interactions between the actors and their surroundings. There is no written dialogue, but within the action descriptions are general ideas that the actors will be using to improvise their lines with on set. Unlike Paranormal Activity's single location, Area 51 is far more expansive in its setting."

He goes on to reveal some serious spoilers and offers his thoughts about the final product: "I'm hoping that the finished product is a bit more believable. . .but at this point the creative direction is best left to Oren. I'm optimistic that he can make lightning strike twice."

Head over to Latino Review for the full details and let us know what you think. Does Oren's 'documentary' style work for this one or have you had enough of the shaky cam experience?
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