It's times like this that indifference to certain horror movie gems from the past pays off. I've seen Joe Dante's original The Howling, and I recall getting a kick out of its special effects and unique take on werewolf culture, but I haven't thought much about it since first popping it in years ago. Which is why I'm only shaking my head at this plot description for the proposed remake of the film, retitled The Howling Reborn, out of principal and not seething fan hatred.

Arrow in the Head scored the summary from an undisclosed source, and, well, it's clear why they're not saying who spilled these smelly beans:

"The REBORN screenplay opens in a similar manner to the 1981 Dante film, with a young reporter - named Karen White - meeting up with a serial killer who is stalking her. In this version, however, there are no cops who burst in on the scene: she's confronted and murdered by the killer, who of course turns out to be a werewolf. Only hook is, she was pregnant, and the baby lives... Cut to years later, and Karen's son - Will - is attending a high-profile prep school, where he's having weird dreams and the like. Naturally, he's got wolfy tendencies, and - shock! - so do his friends. Does Will join the dark side (naturally, his friends turn out to be bad news), or fight against his urges and battle his hairy classmates?"

Yikes. AITH likens it to a Twilight-ization of the original Howling premise - and I'm sure PG-13 demographic werewolves will sell - but I'd say it's more along the lines of Renny Harlin's teenage warlocks flick The Covenant; which is obviously not a favorable comparison. What say you? Are they desecrating the good name of a classic or giving the werewolf story a makeover not unlike Dante did in '81?
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