Are you annoyed that Jay Leno never picks the brain of horror icons on his nightly talk show? Perhaps that's a loaded question, as no one likes Jay Leno in the first place. Let's pretend we're talking about someone else. Regardless of whose show it is, late night never gives much love to the horror community unless it's to chat up the pretty final girl of the latest Platinum Dunes number. That's all set to change. Kind of.

Mick Garris, creator of "Masters of Horror", "Fear Itself", and director of almost all Stephen King miniseries, is set to host "Post Mortem" for FEARnet. It's looking as though the show will only air once a week at first, but if the hopefully earnest chats with the likes of John Carpenter and Wes Craven are popular enough, we might be looking at a nice, new must-watch for horror fans. The show will begin airing in December via FEARnet's On-Demand platforms through cable providers and anyone with access to the Internet.

It sounds like a great idea to me. I may not be in love with everything Garris has ever directed, but there's no questioning the man is a well-connected, well-meaning, deeply knowledgeable horror aficionado. He's always quite personable in interviews, so one would assume he'd be just as comfortable asking the questions for a change. I just hope the five minute segments are enough time to bring some exclusive insights into the minds of the men and women who have, and currently still do, define the state of our genre.
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