It's understandable if you don't know who Shusei Nagaoka is, though if you have, please take a moment to acknowledge that you are better than I. I'd never heard of the Japanese illustrator, but the all-seeing eye of Pink Tentacle knows the man's body of work and have assembled a fantastic gallery of some of his career highlights. You may not recognize the name either, but you may have seen his artistry over the years, particularly if you were a geek in the '70s and '80s who listened to Jefferson Starship, Earth, Wind, and Fire, or the Electric Light Orchestra; all of whom had album cover art designed by Nagaoka.

You can see the gallery in full over at Pink Tentacle, which includes high resolution copies of all the illustrations, but I've cherry picked my favorites below. If at least one of these retro beauties doesn't catch your eye, I think your geekhood might be suspect.
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