Now, this is a ray gun. WETA, the New Zealand special effects artists made famous by their work with director Peter Jackson, have produced an affordable Indivisible Particle Smasher for the space-faring adventurer in all of us.

From their (completely wacky) official product description: "It is furthermore an eminently suitable accessoire to your pseudo-victorian attire for weekending in the country or impressing your peers at parties or other large gatherings. The Righteous Bison can take a fair amount of man-handling. And even more woman-handling! The result, ladies and gentlemen, as I'm sure you agree, is nothing short of pretty good. The gun is about the same weight as a small brown trout (or two pints of Pale Ale) and can be fired continuously without exhausting the sportsman. Much like a good man-servant." has a full review of the product, which is available to ship now. The Righteous Bison makes a perfect Holiday gift for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to smash particles, indivisibly.
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